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About Roger's Hydrant Company

Rogers Hydrant Company is a leading manufacture of hydrants for the snowmaking industry.
Founded in 1971 as Rogers Corporation in Dorset, Vermont, Rogers Corporation began
specializing in high-quality snowmaking hydrants in 1981. During the Fall of 2009, Rogers
Corporation was purchased by WCM Industries, Inc., renamed to Roger's Hydrant Company
and relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

WCM Industries, Inc. also manufacturers Woodford residential and commercial freezeless faucets,
yard hydrants, Watco bath and lavatory drains.



Tune-Up Your Hydrants

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Roger's Hydrant Company
A Division of WCM Industries, Inc.
2121 Waynoka Rd. | Colorado Springs CO 80915
Phone 877.454.8097 | Fax 719.574.7621

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