Flow Controller

What is a "Flow Controller"?

It is a unique device designed to give you better control of the water flow through our hydrants and valves.

How does it work?

The Flow Controller enables Roger's Hydrants to act as though it were several smaller valves when first opened.
As the valve is opened, the multiple "small valves" become progressively larger, allowing greater water flow through the hydrants.

This principle is especially beneficial to you when throttling at the hydrant under high operating pressure; it gives you the fine adjustment you need to make perfect snow under marginal and all other conditions.

Designed for pressure ratings of 400 psi, 800 psi and 1200 psi. The higher pressure hydrants come with a stainless steel valve seat. All Roger's hydrants have valve plugs made of Delrin for a no-drip seal with low torque required to close the valve.

What are the advantages for you?

  1. Much better control of water flow, especially at higher pressures
  2. Elimination of stem vibration
  3. Hydrant will not vibrate open
  4. Stem will not break
  5. Self-flushing when fully opened
  6. Above-ground serviceable

Simply put, these hydrants work where others have failed!